​​​Genesis Z & The Black Mambas, a born shared vision of creativity and a burning ambition. The organic synthesis of vocalist Genesis Z's soul alternative influence.  Bassist Sunborn funk dub background drummer Sam Wiz Cook's ferocious alternative soul & funk rock style grooves into a unique sophisticated furious sound. Live heels catch fire where undoubtedly exciting band this foursome has the ability to hold an audience spellbound. With their impassioned and unabashed juxtaposition with their melodic intricacy soulful enigmatic intensity crafted perfectly to its carefully awaited mixture of pop sensibility and new wave angularity. The challenge is the listener at every turn.

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You gotta stay true to your roots. We've been layin' it down live in our hometown full time.


Album "Karnivor" will be  hitting retail and online stores all across this great land. Release date 2.16.16